Access Guide

To develop applications for Alpha 2, you should register as a “UBT developer”. If you already have a “UBT account”, you can login here. Then, fill in your information as a developer and complete your registration as a developer. Of course, you can also register for a new developer account.

1 Developer Information (see below)

2 Create App

When you have registered as a developer, you can create an app for Alpha 2. Then, fill in your application information and hit "Submit".

3 Create

Once submitted, the app will enter the "Create" stage. When you have completed the development of the app, hit "Create" to proceed to the next stage.

4 Publish Online

You can rename the app before publishing it and must upload your app icon. After submitting your app, you will enter the "Review" stage.

5 Success

Congratulations! Once reviewed, your app will be downloaded and used by UBT subscribers worldwide at app stores.